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June 22, 2012

American Airlines

The TWU International held a conference call this afternoon to update all AA Local presidents on fast moving events surrounding negotiations between American and the Allied Pilots Association. The company has made some movement toward the pilot group and reduced some of their “ask”.

These fluid developments trigger the “me too” clause for the five work groups that accepted the company’s offer. Representatives from those groups will be meeting in Dallas next Tuesday and Wednesday to review the financial gains made by APA negotiators which invoked TWU’s negotiated “me too” clauses.

June 21, 2012

American Airlines

Today Judge Sean Lane indicated he was postponing his decision on whether to reject the contracts of all three unions for at least a week pending the APA's decision on whether to submit the Company's LBO to its membership. In the interim there will be no changes in rates of pay, rules and working conditions for any represented work group, including those who have ratified agreements. The parties will confer with the Court on Monday to get further information on the Court's schedule. We will post more information as soon as it is available.

June 17, 2012

American Airlines

As was stated in the Bankruptcy update posted earlier in the week, we engaged in negotiations with the company with respect to the Mechanic and Related and Stores agreements on June 11 and 12th in New York. These discussions were mediated by federal Judge Peck who requested that the substance of the negotiations be maintained as confidential. This request was made and honored by all three AA unions (APA, APFA, and TWU), each of which participated in the bankruptcy court voluntary mediated bargaining.

Both the company and the APA have announced that as a result of court mediation, the company made a “Last Best Offer” (LBO) to the APA. The APA has not determined whether it will send the LBO out to its members for a ratification vote. We also do not know the substance of the LBO, and will not know until the APA makes a decision on whether the offer will be sent out to its membership for ratification.


Court Updates

July 09, 2012

AMR filed a complaint asking the Bankruptcy Court to declare that none of AMR’s current retirees (both union or non-union) have a vested right to retiree medical benefits. Under ERISA, the health and welfare benefits the debtors provide to current retirees (including TWU retirees) are welfare benefits and that these welfare benefits only vest where the debtors as the plan sponsor (1) promises to provide benefits for life and (2) does not reserve for its right to modify or terminate those benefits.

Press Releases

July 10, 2012

Maintenance and Related and Stores Workers Achieve Improvements from Previous Offers

Dallas – Members of the Transport Workers Union at American Airlines have reached new tentative agreements with the company for workers in the Maintenance and Related (M&R) and Stores bargaining units, the union said today.

“Our strategy to keep all of our options open and fight for fairness for all of our members is working,” said TWU International President James C. Little. “These two new agreements represent an improvement from the company’s previous offers and its motion to void our contracts pending before U.S. Bankruptcy Court. We will now present these tentative agreements to our membership for their final decision.”