Letter From President James C. Little
To All AA Members

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Due to the compressed time frame of the ratification vote we are unable to provide each member with a printed copy of all the information available. Please check the links below in the Q&A column on the right for the most up-to-date information and supplemental documents in addition to what you will be receiving in the mail.

April 2012 Contract

          Term Sheets
March 22, 2012
          Questions & Answer
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Dispatch Full Text Language   Dispatch Comparison Charts   Dispatch 1113 Term Sheet   Dispatch Q&A - More Info
Fleet Service Full Text Language   Fleet Service Comparison Charts   Fleet Service 1113 Term Sheet   Fleet Service Q&A - More Info
Instructors Full Text Language   Instructors Comparison Charts   Instructors 1113 Term Sheet   Instructors Q&A - More Info
M&R Full Text Language   M&R Comparison Charts   M&R 1113 Term Sheet   M&R Q&A - More Info
MCT Full Text Language   MCT Comparison Charts   MCT 1113 Term Sheet   MCT Q&A - More Info
Sim Tech Full Text Language   Sim Tech Comparison Charts   Sim Tech 1113 Term Sheet   Sim Tech Q&A - More Info
Stores Full Text Language   Stores Comparison Charts   Stores 1113 Term Sheet   Stores Q&A - More Info