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Due to the compressed time frame of the ratification vote we are unable to provide each member with a printed copy of all the information available. Please check below for the most up-to-date information and supplemental documents in addition to what you will be receiving in the mail.

M&R Supplemental Revision 5/3/2012

Line Maintenance - Field Trip Procedures

Line Maintenance - Overtime Distribution Procedures

Line Maintenance - Schedule Bid Procedures

Line Maintenance - Schedule Bid Procedures-DFW

Questions and Answers

What about My Pension?What Happens to My Employer's Union Contract?Can a member receive benefits from the PBGC upon AA's terminating its pension plan if he or she is already receiving benefits from the PBGC for a previously terminated (i.e. Eastern or TWA) pension plan?Will CBAs be negotiated while the union is negotiating the current CBA, or is it more likely that the Bankruptcy Court will decide the issue?Who will lead the negotiations with AA in the bankruptcy proceedings as they relate to the Fleet Services Group?Does the TWU membership get to vote on any agreement to modify the CBA?If AMR terminates the pension plans and PBGC takes over, is there a lag in pension checks being delivered and how much notice does the retiree get if there is?If a member was to opt out now from the retiree medical plan, will they get their refund check when they leave the company.Can AMR stop meeting its pension obligations to current employees without bargaining with the TWU?What benefits are available to a member who retires now?Can AMR stop the grievance procedures without bargaining with the TWU?How likely would a merger be?If a plan is nearly fully funded, does the law allow PBGC to treat the plan differently as to payouts or is the non distressed status irrelevant?If I am already retired can the bankruptcy effect my current retirement payments?Will there be a trustee overseeing AA operations while in bankruptcy? And if so, who?The question has been raised of what the outcome would be in Bankruptcy Court if TWU, in negotiations pursuant to Section 1113, does not reach agreement with AA/AE for any given class or craft of AA or AE employees.What is a Confidentiality Pledge?We gave up money before; will we have to give up more again? Are they obligated to pay benefits, vacation, and pension that were earned 180 days prior to the filing?Do most companies go to a 401K pension plan after ending the defined Benefit Plan? How do they go through the process with each work group? All together or separate? One at a time, such as pilots, mechanics, flight attendants, etc…What will happen to our severance if there is a layoff; do we still get it?What is this PBGC? Is the PBGC cap of $54,500 a year or per a month? How many beneficiary options are available under the PBGC?If they decide to close the bases, who will represent us in bankruptcy and in negotiations? The international has said that they are going to do a road show. When and where is it, and who from the international will be there? How do we get our Local President involved in the proceeding because I don’t trust the international? Can the local hire our own attorney, or are we forced to use the internationals? Is there any way that the court and committee proceeding be videotaped so we can watch what goes on? Is Art Luby involved? How many A&P mechanics are at the three bases? What historically has happened in the bumping of overhaul mechanics at United, Northwest, and others when they outsourced their overhaul maintenance? If at retirement age, would it be beneficial to retire now?Do you think that the company will leave the 50/55 rule in effect?Any idea on the number of layoffs that may happen? Will the bankruptcy filing affect the Stores line stock move at DFW? How do we compare to our peers in pay and benefits?Can the company change things without negotiating?Will the company be scaling back the airplane orders? What is the status of the transfer system? How will the most junior AMT’s know of any impending layoffs? Will we be able to fly on other airlines, such as ID90 and ZED fares?How does AA management compare to their peers? When did the local and the international find out about the bankruptcy filing? If the pilots worked out a deal, would we be in bankruptcy today? When could we possibly see some effects from the bankruptcy?Will there be any input from the mediator going forward?Will our 2003 concessions have any weight in the court room?Would the company have been better off filing for bankruptcy back in 2003?What are the chances of a spinoff of overhaul or the line?What does the local leadership want from the membership? What happens to the Fleet Service tentative agreement?If we have been retired and over age 61, would our pension still go to the PBGC if the pensions do in fact go to the PBGC?Can we negotiate a lump sum retirement instead of the Defined Benefit Plan?Is the PBGC monthly payment chart available?How much money is in the retirement medical trust?Does the local have a plan in place to talk in the proceedings? How financially sound is the PBGC? How many judges will be at the proceeding? What is the judge’s background? Can the union get a commercial lien instead of being a creditor at the proceeding?Will the pension checks keep on coming?Will we be getting our retirement medical money back?What’s going to happen to any ongoing litigation? What is D.I.P. financing, and why has the company not gotten any? Are we going to have a finance guy involved? Is the union going to ask for shared sacrifice going forward?What is the required funding of the pensions?If the pilot’s contract is abrogated, would it lessen the impact on our members?Will we get paid for field trip expenses? Will the UAL TA impact our 1113(c) process with respect to the how much AMR/AA will ask from us?How does our failed T/A compare (wages, benefits, pension, work rules, etc..) to UAL/ IBT TA?Can the judge impose a new agreement or just new terms on a temporary basis?If the Judge imposes new terms can the company exit BK with those terms in effect? If the Judge abrogates the contract can we immediately request release from the NMB due to the fact that we negotiated for years and in BK and were not able to come to terms? If the Judge abrogates the contract can we immediately request release from the NMB due to the fact that we negotiated for years and in BK and were not able to come to terms? In reference to asking to be released as described above what reasoning could the NMB use to refuse to declare an impasse and release the parties? What is the funded status of the DBP, Defined Benefit Plan, for the M&R Contract group? For the Stores group? What is the funded status funded status of the DBP for the other TWU Represented Groups?What is the AA cost out for each item in the M&R Contract? The stores contract? What are the cost outs for each item in the other TWU Contract groups?Is the Luby 2003 pension study available?Historically during the bankruptcy process what has happened to sick time that employees have accumulated over the years in their sick bank?Will the TWU be representing our retirees in the bankruptcy proceedings?Manufacturers like Airbus have offered to sell base maintenance work in the cost of their airplanes (A319s); first is that a viable or predictable course for AA and what would that impact be? Also, what would the impact be if Boeing offered that service?Can a current employee of AA or AE receive pension benefits from the PBGC before the AA or AE pension plans are terminated? Can a full time AA or AE employee receive pension benefits from the PBGC while they are employed full time by either AA or AE?Will the raises, profit sharing, and 401k match items identified with an asterisk on the March 22nd term sheets go into effect if the judge grants the 1113 motion?If AA’s motion is granted by the Bankruptcy Court and the contracts of the three unions (TWU, APA, APFA) are rejected by the Court will the Company still be required to recognize them as the collective bargaining agents of their employees?If the collective bargaining agreements of the three unions are rejected by the Bankruptcy Court will the agency shop and dues check off still be in place?During negotiations, if the Agreement is abrogated, are the company changes mandatory subjects of bargaining they have to negotiate with the union before they implement or not?What happened during other airlines’ bankruptcies, including Delta, United, Northwest, and US Airways bankruptcies? When unions have gone forward with 1113 trials, how often have bankruptcy judges rejected their CBAs? I am confused, will the judge write our new contract terms? Will the judge care about the sacrifices we made in 2003?If we vote “no” and the judge rejects our contract, which term sheet has AA indicated it will put into effect? If we vote “yes,” will we have a contract?If our contract is rejected by the Bankruptcy Court, what will be imposed, the Company’s “ask” before the proceedings began on the Company’s motion to reject, or the Last Best Offer (LBO) made after those proceedings began? If the Court permits the Company to reject our agreement will we be able to strike?When will the NMB release us or the other AA unions?What is the difference between the March 22 ask (that will go into effect if we vote no and the judge grants the 1113 motion) and the last AA offer of April 2012?Will this vote affect the US Airways deal?If we vote “no,” what happens next? What is the legal status of our contract if the judge grants AA's 1113 motion to reject our CBAs?Why isn't the TWU telling us how to vote?