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April 25, 2012


Our negotiators are still in Dallas awaiting the final full text language on AA's last concessionary ask. We are still attempting to mitigate parts of the Company's last offer. We anticipate these talks to continue through most of this week.

If this timeline holds up, we expect to then announce a ratification vote schedule on the AA's last ask. Such a vote could take place very soon. We cannot give exact dates until all the language is produced by AA, as it is their final offer.

Once we know and announce the exact dates, we will mail all members highlighted information and voting instructions. Members will vote electronically or by phone. We will also post for review the last term sheets of the AA offers of April 4, along with an electronic PDF full text contract. It is this language that goes into place if the bargaining unit votes "yes."

We will additionally provide on-line copies of the Company's 1113 court filing, which goes into place if we vote "no" and the judge rejects the contracts. You will be given side by side comparisons so you can analyze the differences and make an informed vote.

Please take note that the judge DOES NOT write a new contract. He does not rule on any individual contract items at all. He simply grants or denies the AA motion to completely reject and cancel our contracts.

As you know bankruptcy law is very labor unfriendly, and in the vast majority of cases large corporations win their 1113 cases. This is the harsh reality of the prior court rulings.

Finally, we will soon be posting information on the USAir terms. NOTE THAT THE AA 1113 RATIFICATION VOTE HAS NOTHING TO WITH THE POSSIBLE USAIR MERGER. The issues are legally unrelated. Even a yes vote on the AA final offer will not prevent a possible merger, which still faces many hurdles unrelated to labor issues.

Let our negotiators finish their work this week. We will then get our directions from the membership --- you will soon be voting.


AA continued with its 1113 case again in court today. The main AA witness yesterday was Beverly Goulet, the airlines' Chief Restructuring Officer. She faced intense cross examination by the union lawyers.

The carrier's case is expected to continue tomorrow and possibly through the rest of the week. AA continues to testify about its business model and its claim that management wants the airline to emerge as a stand-alone air carrier from bankruptcy.