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April 26, 2012

American Eagle

TWU Negotiators reconvened meetings with the company on Tuesday April 24 at Flagship University. The TWU did not meet with Eagle negotiators the previous week, in order to give them time to gather requested documents. The TWU negotiators continued reviewing the few documents that had been provided and updated by the company.

Labor attorney Christina Gornail continues assisting the TWU Negotiating Committee’s in meeting with Eagle negotiators and drafting specific questions regarding the company’s proposals.

On Tuesday the company provided TWU negotiators revised financial models. TWU’s economist, John Donnelly, has been reviewing and analyzing the economic forecasts and financial assumptions outlined in these revisions. Company financial models are quite detailed and require an in depth assessment, often generating even more questions of the company’s methodologies.

The TWU will continue meeting with Eagle through the week trying to reach a consensual agreement. Our negotiators will reconvene pre 1113 negotiations again next Tuesday May 1 at FSU.