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August 16, 2012

American Eagle

TWU/American Eagle Fleet Service and Maintenance & Related Members

Yesterday’s ruling by Judge Lane denying AA’s 1113 motion to reject the APA CBA has raised many questions regarding our pending votes on the TWU Maintenance and Related and Fleet Contracts at American Eagle. Here are few important points about the ruling:

  • Judge Lane temporarily ruled that AA went too far on the pilots’ contract by trying to impose terms removing all restrictions on furloughing pilots and outsourcing flying. He invited AA to fix this quickly.
  • Unlike the pilot’s terms, the Fleet and M&R tentative agreements preserve our current language regarding both furloughing and outsourcing.
  • This is not the final ruling. The judge made clear that this denial is temporary so long as these two issues are adjusted by American. AA intends to revise its 1113 APA proposal from before the 1113 trial quickly and submit it to the court.
  • This ruling has nothing to do with our pending votes at American Eagle, or the terms that we will work under at AE. These issues are legally and factually unrelated.

For highlights of the many contractual terms that are preserved through the TAs, full text language and other information regarding your vote, are listed here.

Please review this information and cast your vote by Noon CT on Friday, August 24.

If you have any questions about the voting system, or have not received your ballot in the mail, you should contact the ATD Help Desk at 817-282-2544, or at: