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March 23, 2012

 The court entered a Stipulation and Order that directs the appointment of a single committee of retired employees (the “Retiree Committee…#157;) consisting of retired unionized and non-unionized employees pursuant to sections 1114(c) and (d) of the Bankruptcy Code. the Stipulation and order further provides that the appointment of a single Retiree Committee is without prejudice to the right of any party or other party in interest to seek appointment of a second retiree committee. The Stipulation and Order also provides that the United States Trustee (“U.S. Trustee…#157;) shall appoint the nonunionized members of the Retiree Committee pursuant to section 1114(d) of the Bankruptcy Code and the number and composition of these participants shall be in the discretion of the U.S. Trustee. The U.S. Trustee will solicit the authorized representatives as defined by section 1114(b)(1) (“Authorized Representatives…#157;) of the Debtors’ labor organizations, to determine whether those labor organizations wish to serve on the Retiree Committee pursuant to section 1114(c). If any labor organization elects not to serve as an Authorized Representative, the U.S. Trustee will solicit among the unrepresented retired union employees for an Authorized Representative or Authorized Representatives.

AMR- Stipulation and Order re 1114 Committee - (ECF No. 2007)