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August 15, 2012

American Indicates That It Intends To Correct These Technicalities Immediately And Seek A Further Ruling

The court denied American’s 1113 motion as to APA but made clear that this denial is temporary so long as the two issues identified in the court’s opinion are adjusted by American. American intends to revise its APA 1113 proposal quickly and submit it to the court. The judge’s ruling is 111 pages, is very technical and requires a very careful read. Be careful not to rely just on headlines.

The court found that American’s1113 pilot proposal went beyond that which was “necessary" in asking for an unrestricted use of pilot furlough and codesharing. Neither American’s own business plan nor American’s competitors go this far in the treatment of pilots.

So while the court denied the motion temporarily, the court gave American a clear instruction on how to “fix" the issue by linking codesharing and the ability to furlough pilots to its business plan and the practices of other airlines. We await the judges next ruling. Begin the process of making documents. Georgia apostille. Apostille services.

Garry Drummonds Letter to AA Members