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How long will prefunding monies (employee contributions) take to be refunded to our members? If I am laid off mid-year and elect COBRA Benefits Coverage, do the copays, deductibles and max out of pocket start over?How long will prefunding monies (company matching contributions) take to be refunded to our members? Will I still be eligible to retire at 55 years old and get my flight privileges, medical benefits and get pension now or at a later date?If I didn't prefund, am I still eligible for the retiree medical when I retire (post-funding)?How does the HRA work with the Standard Medical Plan?How does the family deductibles and out-of-pocket max work? What is the Core plan design? Will the stated percentage cost (e.g. 18%, 19% etc.) for the Standard plan be calculated every year? Will the stated 21% employee contribution maximum cost (once reached) remain in effect for the remainder of the contract or can it increase above 21%? Will we continue to have the ability to discuss changes to the contractual healthcare plan? What will happen to current retirees’ medical coverage for those prefunding and post-funding? I am a retiree age 65 and my spouse is under the age of 65. Will we still have American Airlines retiree medical coverage? For retiree medical what happens for our members who have younger spouses? I understand guaranteed access at the below rates (for 2012) until the employee reaches age 65 and becomes Medicare eligible. Does the spouse continue to receive guaranteed coverage at 100% of the projected annual costs? What coverage exists if an employee passes away? I am a retiree under the age of 65 and my spouse is age 66. Can we both be covered under American’s pre-65 plan? My spouse and I have been in the Retiree Standard Option. I have exhausted the $300,000 lifetime maximum. Am I eligible to purchase the Retiree Standard option? What retiree medical coverage exists if an employee passes away? Will retirees be eligible for Supplemental Medical Plan (SMP) if they post-fund medical? If I have retiree medical, and I take a job with a company that offers retiree medical, can I opt out of AA's retiree medical? Will the new active medical plan be implemented this year or in January of next year? If an employee is RIF’d or takes an early out and subsequently retires and enrolls in Retiree Medical prior to the conclusion of the 1114 process, will he/she still receive the company match portion of his/her prefunding? Do you have to meet the $750.00 deductible before they will pay for going to a specialist at 80%? Does this mean that once one family member reaches the individual deductible or $750, they will now pay a coinsurance of 20 percent or will the family deductible have to be reached before the 20 percent coinsurance goes into effect? If an employee is not yet vested in retirement, will they continue to get credit and receive retirement benefits when they retire? What will be the effective date my pension would be frozen? Am I still accruing pensionable credit while we are in restructuring? How does the 401(k) company match formula work? If I make a $50,000 annual salary, does the company contribute 5.5% of the $50,000? If I separate, will my earned vacation for 2013 be paid out at current rates or the modified rate of pay coming? Will the reduced week of vacation be implemented this year or next? How is it possible to receive a 401(k) match when you have reached the personal maximum contribution level? Can returned prefunding dollars be rolled over to a HSA account? Since there is now an auto-enrollment of 3% of an employee's pay into the 401(k), what happens if an employee is already contributing 3% or more? If I am currently putting 1% in my 401(k), will the company match just 1% or will I have to increase my amount to 3% to get the 3% match from the company? Does the company put anything in the 401(k) if I do not have anything going in? Is it true that I have to wait three years to be vested in the 401(k)? How will I be paid for my 2013 vacation? Part of this year I will be paid at one rate and part of the year I will be paid at another rate. If I retire/separate will I be paid out for 5 weeks of vacation or six weeks for vacation earned in 2012? If I have taken PVs already this year from my 2013 earned VC, how will this affect my VC accrual for next year? If I already have PVs approved for 2012 can I still take them? Why do we have to give back our Personal Vacation days? I have used some PV days already from my 2013 vacation balance, how will this be figured in to the 2013 VC bidding? Why does M&R have to reduce their vacation by one week? Why does the Stores workgroup have one more week of vacation than the M&R workgroup? Why were we not able to receive more holidays? Why did we change from 100 percent pay for the first day to 50 percent pay for the first day? Why does Stores still receive 100% pay for the first two sick days, while M&R only receives 50% pay for the first day? I have never utilized the Article 34.1 process. Is this new, or revised, or do we have an understanding or intent of the process? Were there any true improvements added? Is this a 10-year deal? Why doesn’t the company compare our wages to mechanics at UPS or Southwest? Why does this agreement still have us lagging the industry in pay? Why do the pay raises differ between the tentative agreements for Stores and Mechanic & Related, at 3% and 3.5%, respectively? Is the 3% pay raise at the date of signing a bonus or a raise? Article 1 of the TA describes the limits and method of measuring outsourcing. How does this calculation work? How will outsourcing affect line maintenance? Is the 15% Line Maintenance outsourcing limit a part of the 35% outsourcing cap of all Aircraft Maintenance to equal half of the outsourcing in Aircraft line maintenance? Is there any protection for making sure the amount of work outsourced doesn’t increase in the future? Does the current System Protection language keep the company from outsourcing? Are there any outsourcing restrictions on the A320 and 787 fleets? Isn’t it true the company could allow APA pilots to fly aircraft with greater than 79 seats under the American Eagle banner so the maintenance work can be outsourced? Are there restrictions on outsourcing aircraft maintenance in the scope clause? Does this 35% cap include maintenance that is already outsourced? What work will be outsourced? Can other work be outsourced? Is the cap subject to exceptions? The ratified agreement increases the amount of Line Maintenance work that can be done overseas by AA locally hired personnel. Is there a cap on how much can be done overseas? Is the maintenance performed by AMTs on non-powered equipment going to be calculated in the outsourcing formula for Aircraft Maintenance within the 35% limit? What is the timeline for the closure of AFW and when will the stated work be relocated to Tulsa and DWH? What about TAESL? How do these restrictions compare with other carriers in the industry? Does changing the staffing formula in Article 1 mean the company can close all the Class II line maintenance stations? Is it true that the line maintenance contractors will be working in AA’s facilities, side by side with TWU members? Can you please explain the plan for DWH, and how you plan to distinguish both the physical location and the scope of work performed at DWH versus the DFW Line Maintenance operation? Why do we need to eliminate the 1/7 rule? Now that the 1/7 rule is eliminated, how will the new flexibility be used? Can 4/10s be taken away or authorized without the union’s involvement? Can shift bids be scheduled at any time without restrictions? What happens to overtime policies? In the M&R ratified agreement, there is a provision that the company can hold an employee past the end of his scheduled shift on overtime for the purposes of job continuity, for up to 3 hours. Is that provision for both Line Maintenance and the Base? In regards to the Local Letters of Agreement that are being eliminated, what is the time line for transitioning off of these existing procedures? Is it true that AMTs will be able to pull aircraft parts without Stores personnel? Can another employee interfere with one employee’s transfer on a computer? What happens to field trip policies and rules? Is it true that the company can force an AMT on a field trip? What changes were made concerning job classifications? What will be included in the QAM tests? Where would you use the increased amount of OSMs in the Aircraft Overhaul & Maintenance department? Why do we need OSMs or AMTOs in the Aircraft Overhaul department? Does the language to streamline and standardize the utilization of Avionics Technicians apply to the bases? What is the Maintenance Support Person (MSP) classification? Why do we need the MSP classification? If I’m a Plant Maintenance Mechanic now, what happens if I’m displaced to a MSP position? What would the financial impact be for a Facility/Auto Mechanic bumped to a MSP slot if they are topped out because of the flex rate. Would he slot in on his classification seniority or would he remain topped out on the MSP scale? If an employee AMT is moved to an AMTO position and subsequently is RIF’ed again can he bump the system as an AMT? Why are we changing the Crew Chief selection process? Why does the company get to control the Crew Chief selection panel, without considering seniority? Can the company demote Crew Chiefs it doesn’t like because of the evaluation panel? What is different in the new language? Why is System Protection eliminated? Is it true that former TWA employees won't be eligible for the $12,500 special severance? Who will determine my last day? Can a manager limit the number of employees in a department who can take the Early-Out option? If I am eligible and have selected the Early-Out, is there a maximum number of days the company can hold me for operational needs? If I don't take the Early-Out and I am later considered for layoff, can I go back and elect the Early-Out? What if I owe the company money when I leave? How will it be determined by what order employees will be granted an early out to leave the company? I'm on a leave with reinstatement rights. Can I elect the Early-Out? If I'm on furlough, am I eligible for the Early-Out? Can I bridge to retirement if I take the Early-Out? How do I know if I have System or Station protection? Will changes to company policy, benefits and privileges apply to me if I take the Early-Out Incentive Package? Will I maintain my recall rights? Will I be paid for my unused sick time? If I take the Early Out, and am eligible for the 50-55 rule, will I get my sick leave payout when I actually retire? If someone takes the Early-Out option, will they be eligible for unemployment? What happens to my unused vacation time? If I elect the Early-Out program, will I keep my employee number for use with benefits and travel privileges? When can I begin receiving my pension? Can members who take the Early out defer (up to the max) the money into a 401(k)? If I take the Early-Out package, will I be eligible for flight benefits? Will those individuals who are younger than 50 as of date of signing who elect this option be eligible for travel benefits once again when they reach retirement age at 55? If I take the Early-Out and then retire, do I get my prefunding refunded or do I go into the retiree medical and go under the 1114 process? If I take the Early Out will the severance pay be at the new pay scale rate? If I am laid off mid-year and elect COBRA Benefits Coverage, do the copays, deductibles and max out of pocket start over? If I am already on COBRA coverage on Unpaid SKLOA and get laid off, does the COBRA coverage time frame extend past the 18 months? I am 44 years of age with 22 years of Company seniority as of date of signing and am not affected by a RIF, am I eligible for the Early-Out? I am 48 years of age with 14 years of Company seniority as of date of signing and am not affected by a RIF, am I eligible for the Early-Out? I am system-protected, 48 years of age with 14 years of Company seniority as of date of signing and am affected by a RIF, am I eligible for the Early-Out? I am system-protected, 48 years of age with 14 years of Company seniority as of date of signing and am affected by a RIF, am I eligible for the Early-Out? I am not system-protected, 48 years of age with 17 years of Company seniority as of date of signing and am affected by a RIF, am I eligible for the Early-Out? I am not system-protected, 48 years of age with 17 years of Company seniority as of date of signing and am not affected by a RIF, am I eligible for the Early-Out? I meet the 45/15 criteria for the Early-Out and am based at a station that will be completely outsourced. Since I will be affected by a RIF, am I eligible for the Early-Out?