Thomas R. Roth

Thomas R. Roth is a labor relations consultant, financial and economic advisor, and President of The Labor Bureau, Inc. The Labor Bureau is a private consulting firm founded in 1923 and has provided professional services in labor relations matters to labor organizations throughout the United States continuously for over 88 years. Mr. Roth has served Labor Bureau clients from 1974 to present and has directed the firm’s activities since 1978.

The Labor Bureau, Inc., assists with any matter requiring labor relations expertise or technical knowledge in matters that are subject to collective bargaining including research and preparation for negotiation, arbitration, and fact-finding proceedings, contract analysis and comparative compensation surveys, corporate financial and economic performance analysis, hands-on advocacy in contract negotiations, serving as partisan arbitrator on tripartite interest arbitration panels, and furnishing expert testimony in interest arbitration, fact-findings and judicial proceedings.

Since 1974, Mr. Roth has worked on a regular and continuous basis in both public and private sectors, with extensive experience in urban transit, railroads, and airline industries. Client services typically include analysis of employer economic and financial position, design of wage and benefit compensation programs, conducting wage and benefit surveys and comparative compensation analysis, and furnishing expert testimony and evidentiary reports in formal contract determination proceedings. Mr. Roth has appeared as an expert witness in well over 300 fact-finding, arbitration, and court cases. Examples of Mr. Roth's professional experience follow:

Railroad Industry — 1978 to present — Has served as economic and financial advisor to all railroad unions in national freight negotiations, commuter rail negotiations and Amtrak negotiations. Includes representing all 14 standard railroad unions as financial and economic advisor in presentation of rail labor’s case before numerous Presidential Emergency Boards and interest arbitrations under the Railway Labor Act. In all such cases furnished economic and financial analysis, prepared expert reports and statistical evidence, and provided expert testimony. Appearances include over 30 Presidential Emergency Boards and interest arbitrations under the RLA.

Airline Industry — 1992 to present — Served as lead financial advisor to the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers in all rounds of negotiations since 1991 involving Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways, Trans World Airlines, and Alaska Airlines. Airline experience includes 14 restructuring cases under Sections 1113 and 1114 of the Bankruptcy Code.

Urban Transit Industry — 1974 to present — Serves as labor relations consultant and economic advisor to dozens of local unions representing transit workers in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States. Units include operators, maintenance, police, clerical, and supervisors. Prepared and presented scores of interest arbitration cases in the transit industry. In such proceedings served as partisan arbitrator on tripartite panels, as well as supplying all economic research, statistical evidence, and expert testimony. Recent projects include furnishing all economic evidence and related expert testimony in arbitration cases involving the major union and transit employers in New York City, Boston, Baltimore and Washington.

Litigation Support — 1992 to present — Furnishes expert testimony in Federal Employee Liability Act cases. Experience includes preparation of reports regarding economic loss on behalf of plaintiffs in over 100 cases. Has testified at trial or in deposition on more than 50 occasions; several additional cases pending deposition and/or trial.

Other Experience — Mr. Roth has provided expert testimony in numerous other interest and rights cases including several in the Postal Service, health care industry, public schools, firefighters, and newspaper publishing.

Mr. Roth holds an undergraduate degree (B.S. 1971) from Le Moyne College in Syracuse, N.Y., majoring in economics and industrial relations; and a graduate degree (M.S.1973) from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, in Labor and Industrial Relations.

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